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Vilje Bionics has partnered with Oslo municipality to improve the city's health services.

Vilje Bioncs can gladly announce that we have now partnered with Oslo municipality to determine how the city can benefit from implementing an exoskeleton in its health offers.

The SmartOslo support scheme funds the project. Vilje Bionics has two collaboration partners for the project: city districts Sagene and Grünerløkka.

The project’s goal is to develop the current exoskeleton further so that it meets the needs of Oslo's municipal health services and can improve the inhabitants' assistive technology services.

The project will provide a clear understanding of which challenges the health personnel face during their workday. With that as a knowledge base, Vilje Bionics will develop attributes to meet these challenges. This will result in a better exoskeleton for the user and health personnel.

The insight gained from this project will be valuable for future work and research. Not just for Vilje Bionics and the city of Oslo, but the whole emerging exoskeleton industry.

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