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determined striving and ability to make choices

and turn thoughts into action

our purpose is

to give people with physical disabilities a higher quality of life and equal opportunities

Why is this important?

1 out of 4 is affected by stroke during their lifetime

Which for many leads to

Lasting and substantial

Loss of function in the arm

It has been almost impossible to live a normal and independent life without functioning arms

Until now 

Naturens vilje


/<ABEL arm>


The world's first mobile and motorized exoskeleton for people with impaired arm function


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ABELarm is a user-controlled and functional assistive device that can give tens of millions of people their independence back. 


ABEL arm>

DETAIL - FRONT_edited.png
Assistive device for people with stroke

Motorized elbow and shoulder

Hip belt

Motorized wrist

Personalized body harness

Customized orthoses


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