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The first day of the three-day usability study is now finished and was a success. The team from Vilje Bionics is looking forward to the next two days of working with UiA, i4Helse and Norwegian Smart Care Lab.

The team got to see and try i4Helses’ usability lab. This lab is intended to be a realistic home with a barrier-free design. This is highly valuable for testing the exoskeleton in a realistic environment and evaluating its performance for various activities of daily living, like drinking, eating, or scratching one’s nose.

We could not have done these tests without i4Helse, UiA and Norwegian Smart Care Lab. They bring expertise and know-how from different disciplines and backgrounds, making this an interdisciplinary project all can learn from.

NRK (The Norwegian Broadcast corporation) and the local newspaper covered the work at i4Helse and the testing of Viljes’ exoskeleton.


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