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In 2015

Mangor Lien's terrible illness and lack of assistive devices became the start of a journey that can help tens of millions of people.

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This is a story where a pair of brothers had a determined drive and the ability to turn thoughts into action. 

This is a story about


When Mangor became paralyzed in the arm, his brother Terje began to make an aid for his brother. They saw that the aid could help more people. But they needed someone willing to take on the challenge. And at the entrepreneurial school at NTNU, the brothers found budding entrepreneurs who wanted to try their hand at the challenge

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Hjelpemiddel til affisert arm

The founder

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Little did the brothers know that this was the start of

the adventure

Feb 2021. Support from the Foundation DAM & ALS Norway

April 2021. Support from the Research Council and membership with Aleap in the Research Park


The start

ALS norge

This aid will be able to provide a significantly increased function and quality of life for some users 

-Jan Olav Lohne,

 Quality manager/orthopedic engineer at Ortopedikteknik AS  

Aug 2021moved from Trondheim to the Science Park in Oslo

Aug 2021

1 new hire

Pitching man
Pitching man

February 2022

1 new hire

Started the Impact Startup accelerator

Improved design on prototype 

Prototye ready for


User test

Vilje Bionics
Brukertest vilje bionics
Mann og hjelpemiddel

User test in collaboration with

 - i4Health

 - Norwegian Smart Care Lab

 - UiA 

Users performed various everyday activities

With good results

Which several people were interested in

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i4helse og vilje bionics

With good market validation, this led to 

Cooperation with Oslo municipality

April 2022 

2 new hires

ansatte i Vilje bionics


Vilje Bionics team
Vilje bionics team


presentasjon oppstartsbedrift


Livsglede vilje bionics


Blatchford og vilje bionics

Vilje not only has the will, but also the ability to change and innovate orthopedic aids. They are really skilled, and possess knowledge and expertise that will take a long time to find. I am honoured, proud and happy that will wants to include us. And I am pleased that our expertise in 3D helps them in the development of their robot-controlled orthosis

Bjarne Lindebø. General manager, Blatchford department Arendal.


The district of Sagene wants to contribute to the development and improvement of welfare technology and aids that lead to mastery and the possibility of a better everyday life for our residents. That is why Bydel Sagene is participating in this development project with Vilje Bionics, which we believe has a realistic opportunity to develop new technology that works.


-Inger-Lise Myklebust. Assistant district director, Sagene District

Byrådet for næring og eierskap

The project collaboration between Sagene Borough, Grünerløkka Borough and Vilje Bionics is very exciting for the municipality. Vilje Bionics is developing an aid that will improve the quality of life for many people with functional impairments. Innovation in our health service is an important area of focus for the city council, and through SmartOslo we are increasing cooperation between the municipal health service and start-up and growth companies. This form of development cooperation between districts and businesses contributes both to new and better health services, good business development and new jobs.


Victoria Marie Evensen (Ap), business council in Oslo

Presentasjon helseteknologikonferansen

The district of Grünerløkka is committed to innovation and we welcome the opportunities that technology offers. Using first-hand knowledge from health personnel to develop new technological solutions and aids, such as the motorized orthosis by Vilje Bionics, will be able to provide a better health service for residents and contribute to employees' professional development.


- department director health and coping in Grünerløkka District, Jorunn Botten.

Rapid growth 


An upgrade

DOGA Project with EGGS design and Blatchford

DOGA Project with Geelmuyden Kiese

New visual identity

Vilje bionics
Geelmuyden kiese
Design og arkitektur norge

New identity


An inclusive identity created by Geelmuyden Kiese with funding from Design and Architecture Norway


Next chapter

To make the best

Assistive device

Do we need the best

The best that are now 

Workshop eggs

And future talent

We work with the best now

Design thinking workshop
Lecture on stroke

But we don't know what the future holds


Now we need more people on the team


To solve the unsolvable

Are you up for the challenge?


We need your expertise


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