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Representatives from Vilje Bionics visited Trøndelag Orthopedic Workshop (TOV) for further development of the aid. This marks an important milestone in the R&D collaboration with TOV.

For a week, members of the Vilje team got insights into the process a user, orthopedic engineers and technicians must go through, from measurement and testing to a completely customized orthopedic aid. The members from Vilje got a steep learning curve by participating in a process with fast prototyping and production to test different concepts. The collaboration has resulted in valuable new knowledge amongst the team, and a beautiful plaster bust of the upper body of our product manager.

"The results from our visit to TOV, we have examined key issues in the development of our aid together with orthopedic technicians and orthopedic engineers. Through prototyping and testing for a whole week, we have taken the development a big step further, at the same time as we have gained a unique insight into how different techniques can be used to adapt aids to each user. " – Eirik Bodsberg, CTO


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