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Vilje Bionics is on the cover of the trade magazine Elektronikk

User-centered development project: A robotic solution in the form of a voice-controlled exoskeleton can provide a better life for people with a loss of function in arms and hands

It was extra fun to receive the latest issue of the trade magazine Elektronikk. What we in Vilje thought was going to be a regular article turned out to be on the front page.

Exoskeleton, User-centered development, medical technology, investors and commercialization are just some of the topics covered in the article. How Vilje Bioncs' exoskeleton is one of the solutions to the challenges of people with disabilities or impaired function in arms and hands is also answered in the article. The article is well worth reading for those with an interest in niche technology and for those who are curious about how a future where the capabilities of humans are redefined by technology will look like.

Read the article here:

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