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Vilje Bionics is 1 of 24 startup companies that will participate in the Impact StartUp Bootcamp

About Impact StartUp

Impact StartUp accelerates Norway's best solutions to societal challenges. We are passionate about the ideas that make the Nordic region better - and to create a measurable social and environmental effect. The best solutions must be financially sustainable, investable and scalable to succeed. We are the best in the Nordic region in giving these start-up companies faster results.

The BootCamp provides the opportunity to work with experienced business developers and strengthen our network. The team from VIlje looks forward to accelerating the company to create a measurable and positive social effect. Vilje invests a lot of time and resources in the development of technology and the exoskeleton for the end-user. But building a sustainable medical technology company also requires organizational and business develpment. Through the BootCamp and collaboration with business developers, the team will strengthen their business understanding and explore new market opportunities. This will be a good addition to the launch of the exoskeleton.

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