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Hjelpemiddel for armen

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An aid that supports you after a stroke

Assistive device for arms and hands

Motorized shoulder
Allows user to raise and lower arm

Hjelpemiddel til albue

Motorized elbow

Allows user to bend and straighten arm

Hjelpemiddel for hånedledd og griping

Motorized wrist and grip aid
Allows user to rotate wrist and grasp (Under development)


ABELarm is designed for stroke survivors and others with impaired function in an arm so that they can become more independent in everyday life. ABELarm is a motorized orthosis that gives the user the ability to grasp and move the elbow, shoulder, and wrist. It enables the affected arm to be used as a "support arm" in everyday tasks.  In addition, the aid will train the arm, which for some users will improve the function of the arm.

How is ABELarm controlled?

ABELarm is controlled using small sensors that register when the user lifts thier own arm or open the grip, then the aid will assist the movement with the help of small motors. It is the same technology used in more advanced hand prostheses.

What activities can you do with ABELarm?

ABELarm is intended as a support arm in activities that require two hands. ABELarm is a perfect aid for opening lids or screw lids. Or more practical tasks such as carrying the laundry basket or cutting bread. For home use, ABELarm can support various hobbies and leisure activities. It can also be used as an aid in the office

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